Chessie & Dexter

I didn’t know I had these really neat cousins–they live in Texas–a gazillion miles from Portland. And I didn’t even have to dig–like I tried to do when Mom & Dad went to Croatia. You need to meet these cousins!

This is Chessie–she’s a 4-year old blue heeler. She HATES that flashy thing, and she thought hiding behind her Auntie was going to work, but she didn’t know persistence….

And this is Dexter. He’s a “Benjie” dog that arrived on a cold weekend in February three years ago. He can’t remember much of his earlier life, but he found a great furever home with Chessie and his new Mom and Dad! And he’s about the same age as Chessie, so they have a lot of fun together.

Today was the day Chessie and Dexter went to visit the llamas. They live down the road–not far from their home.

Gus and Blackie, the llamas, live with a couple of goats. They are great pals and they like to visit with the hu-mans that live nearby. Those llamas do some really silly stuff, like smell your breath. I’m glad Dexter and Chessie stayed away from the cow patties before they got there!!!

Gus and Dexter love to look at each other. I think that’s pretty silly–I probably would want to herd them. Sometimes Dexter gets up on the fence and they get really close to each other. I wonder if Gus can smell Dexter’s breath?

Chessie even forgot about the flashy thing!

Cousins are fun, don’t you think?

6 thoughts on “Chessie & Dexter

  1. Squee! Goats!

    Sorry, I got a little distracted there. Your cousins sound like a lot of fun. I’m glad you’re having such a great time!


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