Before Mom and Dad got home, my best friends, Toby II and Macy sent over some Pupkin Pie. It was a crustless pie with doggy pumpkin and ricotta cheese. Do you think we left anything?

Then Mom & Dad came home. I think that was the BEST present ever. Wow! We were both so excited when they came through that door. And, somehow, Toby knew they were coming WAY beforehand and kept going to the door. I think he knows something I need to learn. Maybe it’s what our petsitter told him. I guess I should pay attention, huh?

OK. I think it’s time to talk about presents.

Mom said I had to sit and wait. Uhhhhhh. I told Toby he could sit with me, but I’m too excited to sit still.

Here are all my presents! I got two felted wool tug-a-war toys from A Cheerful Pet, a new 18″ Timberwolf leash, an orbee-tuff whistle ball, some special cookies and a BIRTHDAY CAKE! I told Toby he could share my treats with me. I thought that was pretty nice of me, huh?

Mom told me a story about when she went into Dogologie (that’s in Fredericksburg, Texas). She said it was a pretty cool store and the person that worked there really knew about crazy dogs like me! What a minute? Me, crazy? I think crazy means high-energy, right? Anyhow, the person told her the felted wool toys are better for dogs that like to chew up their toys. The wool is more digestible than those cotton fiber ones. I do like to chew up those stringy ones. I wonder what she means about digestible?

I decided to “dig in”–at least that’s what you do when it’s too wet to dig outside, right?

THEN, Mom said CAKE. OMD, do you think I can sit still for that?

Um, no……

So, then I asked where are we going for my special outing? Mom thought maybe we should build an ark, because all it’s done is rain. But she said it’s SUPPOSE TO stop raining in a couple of days and we are going to a new beach. I bet you can’t wait for that story!

Pee Ess: Because I’m such a good sister and friend, I shared my cake with Toby and my best friends Toby II and Macy. That was my birthday present to them!

11 thoughts on “Presents!

  1. Wow you sure alre lucky! My mom went to the store and came back with Xmas antlers and an elf hat for me — NO TOY — and shampoo including special skunk shampoo and — NO TOY! I’m not jealous, no I’ am NOT JEALOUS!

    I really am glad you got those cool things — I did get a new long leash. I love walks!

    Your pal,



  2. Wow Miss Sage, what neat pressies! Dillon agrees with Kira, he thinks the toy with all the legs looks super for chewing! And that Pupkin Pie sounds great – do you think Toby II and Macy would give my mom the recipe?

    Barks & Wiggles,



    • This is the recipe although she made it without a pie shell (not sure that would be so good for them):

      Great Pupkin Pie
      Dog food recipe ingredients:

      * 2 cups pumpkin puree
      * 1 cup low-fat ricotta cheese
      * 9-inch pie shell

      Dog food recipe directions:

      Mix pumpkin and ricotta cheese together. Spread evenly throughout pie shell. Chill and serve.


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