Foto Friday–Me? A little Devil???

I just had to show you this silly costume my hu-aunt got me. I think it fits me pretty well sometimes!!

Don’t you think I look all sweet and innocent?

Well, maybe a bit devilish….

Pee Ess: Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!!

Pee Ess Ess: I bet you don’t know how many treats I got for putting this silly costume on?????

Boxing Day at Ft. Funston

I told Sage I would help her out while she’s staying at Fido’s, but little did she know Luna (another cousin) and I would go to Ft. Funston! This was doggy heaven and just a short drive from Luna’s house. Luna and I have been hanging out for days–we’ve had some pretty good times together!!

We headed down a steep path–no problem for Luna & I.

Luna knew this place and was showing me all the best spots to sniff.

Boy, if Sage were here, she’d be right out there! We even saw some dogs surfing. I have to remember to tell Sage all about that part. She’d love it!!

Luna had to wipe some surf off her nose. Not me–I don’t like getting wet.

We all had to stop at the dog buddha and tell it how much we liked this beach!!

I’m ready to go back to Ft. Funston any time!!

Mom told me tomorrow we have to drive and drive and drive back home.



Merry Christmas

I know Sage is having loads of fun playing, playing, playing at Fido’s! I hope everyone has had a really nice Christmas–I know I have!!


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The Sun is on My Face

The sun was shining on my face. It felt so good, I just knew this was going to be a good day! We took a long walk; stopped by the tree lot and checked it out. I thought I complemented the pine needles nicely.

Mom said I looked like a little angel with the sun beams shining down. Boy, do I have her fooled!!!

Pee Ess: I’m going to let Toby guest-posting for a couple of days. I’m going to have fun at Fido’s and he has to ride in a car for hours and hours and hours and……Who do you think will have more fun?

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! I know I will!!


New Torture

OK, I know how to sit and “leave it”. I have to do it every time I eat. But Mom decided to TORTURE us with these cookies. All for a photo opp.

What’s up with that? Is it something I should be reporting to PETA? They’re big on abused anipals and I thought maybe we fit the bill. Mom said my imagination was running away again. Who? Me? Moi?

I just know Toby was being really good, but was beginning to drool. I was very intent on making sure he didn’t get mine. My eye is on the ball. Oh right, Mom, it’s a cookie….

Holiday Attire

Mom thought we should be ready for the season. I wasn’t too sure, but I got to go to the pet store to pick out our finery. It actually was a pretty good trip. I met lots of nice people who thought I was really well-behaved–they couldn’t believe I was only 1-year old. I sure had them fooled! Even Mom said I was good, so I must have been.

Anyhow, Mom and I picked out some holiday neck things. I guess they might be like bandanas, but they had bells on them–whatever. I went along with it. Toby did too. Just to make Mom happy…

Here we are!

I wonder if I can wear mine to the Saturday Blog Hop?

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