The Sun is Out!

So, it was off to the beach we went. We didn’t go to the big ocean, but it was still a big river and someplace we’ve never been! And it had sand and water and lots of places to run. Off I went, with Toby right behind.

Around and around we went.

I was flying like the wind!

We took a little walk along the river.

And you KNOW I had to go in the water. You know how much I love it! It was C-O-L-D cold, so I didn’t stay in long. Even though the sun was bright and shiny in the sky, Mom said it was only 42ºF (5.6ºC). I KNOW that water was colder than that. Let me tell you, I didn’t stay in long! But I had to try it.

But I dried off pretty quickly. And Mom had towels, but I don’t want to tell you that….

And guess what? We are going back again this weekend! With my best friends Toby II and Macy! I love it when the sun shines!!!

Before I go, I need to see what all my friends at the Blog Hop are doing.

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13 thoughts on “The Sun is Out!

  1. Dussn’t that sand feel wonnerful on your paws? I love it! It do be cold here too so I think we mite has to head south fur our hike this weekend where it be just a little warmer than the mountains in the north – and there be lots sand down in south NJ!


  2. Hi Y’all!

    Looks like y’all had a jolly time! Hope it’s a great weekend!

    I’m havin’ a “no collar day” as we are supposed to get 5 to 6 inches here in the higher elevations. My Human Momma is afraid to drive in the snow, so the planned hike is off. Sigh.

    We’re just lazin’ around watchin’ the snow fallin’.

    Thanks for stoppin’ today. Y’all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


  3. Sage, you look like you are having the time of your life, regardless of how cold the water is. We are all part water dogs here too, we don’t care how cold it is!!

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate your thoughts and helping me out with my feelings. Sometimes 6 dogs can be overwhelming and I let it get to me. Thanks for making me see I’m not alone.


  4. I think Sage and my Jasper (a Sheltie) would have a ball together! He loves the beach along the river too. I wish we still had beach time, but in MN the Mississippi river starts to freeze over and it’s often not a full freeze. Too dangerous. Glad I got to see Sage having fun though. It reminds me of our fun this past summer.

    Hopping on by and will be back!


  5. Vof Sage – I wish I could have joined your trip to the river! You really look like having the best time with Toby! How nice to know that you can go there again!
    Kisses from Nero!
    Ps. Thank’s for running in my blog and leaving your pawprint!


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