Sunday Snoozing

Just to let you know, Dad did some remodeling in my condo, and I have a new cozy hammock.

Very comfy!!  I can truly say it’s a luxury condo now!

And, of course, Mystic is up in the penthouse snoozing away. I sometimes poke my head in to see how she’s doing. She’s a pretty good neighbor–no stomping around and no loud music. Well, there was that time when I started messing with her–boy can she be noisy! We get along pretty well most of the time–at least that’s what I say.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Snoozing

  1. Love the great addition to your penthouse Sage. Tell Dad thank you from me for you!!
    You have a very good Dad!!
    Thanks for your visit to see us over here in Animal Lovers!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern
    PS Like your snow falling!!


  2. I want one of those for Christmas or my birthday. Did it start out as a cat thing? I’m smaller than you Sage. If it can hold you, it can probably hold me. I weigh 21 pounds now. When I first came to Mama, the vet said I was underweight add to that I was also a little sick and had tummy troubles. I weighed 15 pounds. Mama’s watching my weight. She knows I don’t like my kibble. I like ham, and bits of meatloaf, and I love the ginger cookies Mom has for the boys. I ate a toe off one. It was unbelievable. Do you think I clould get mom to make me some cookies?

    No, I want that thing you’ve got! I am SOOOOOOO jealous. Right now I sit on the edge of the couch, but mom found where I chewed a little bit of it and now it tasts funny, … she used something called TOBASCO. Mom says I can sit there, but I can’t chew the furniture. Rats!

    Hey it’s snowing in here!

    Your pal,


  3. What a great place where you can even watch out of the window :)! And also with nice company :)!

    PS: I also loooove dog-stories, and we’ll have some more in the following days on the blog :).

    Wish you a nice christmas pre-time :)!


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