New Torture

OK, I know how to sit and “leave it”. I have to do it every time I eat. But Mom decided to TORTURE us with these cookies. All for a photo opp.

What’s up with that? Is it something I should be reporting to PETA? They’re big on abused anipals and I thought maybe we fit the bill. Mom said my imagination was running away again. Who? Me? Moi?

I just know Toby was being really good, but was beginning to drool. I was very intent on making sure he didn’t get mine. My eye is on the ball. Oh right, Mom, it’s a cookie….

15 thoughts on “New Torture

  1. Wow, that’s so mean! Well you really do know how to leave it don’t you. I don’t quite know how to do that. Mom wishes I would leave the cat poo alone. Hey Sage, I did it again, but Mom wouldn’t let me write about it again on the blog. I had another bath about 10 PM at night. Now I have to go out in the back yard on leash INDEFINETLY. Just aw well that it’s raining like crazy here.

    I’d have eaten those cookes faster than she can se Leave it.

    You are a great dog!

    Me — I’m a dawgins ( dickens – dog)

    Your pal,



  2. Poor puppies. Last year at Shiva’s birthday, we made her wait for over ten minutes while we snapped photos of her and her special bone. She was amazingly patient. Dogs put up with so much, the poor souls.


  3. Ha ha – come on Sage who are you trying to kid?!! You’d play that game all day just cos you know you’re going to get a treat at the end of it lol! You will have to show us some more good games you like to play when you get a minute.


  4. I can tell just by looking at the picture, Sage, that you’re very concerned to find something littering the floor. It must be really hard not to clean up the floor when you see a mess!

    What was your person thinking?


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