Foto Friday–Me? A little Devil???

I just had to show you this silly costume my hu-aunt got me. I think it fits me pretty well sometimes!!

Don’t you think I look all sweet and innocent?

Well, maybe a bit devilish….

Pee Ess: Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!!

Pee Ess Ess: I bet you don’t know how many treats I got for putting this silly costume on?????

9 thoughts on “Foto Friday–Me? A little Devil???

  1. Dear Sage you look gorgeuous! Don’t you think that all we need to hide a little devil inside us…
    Have a great New Year and don’t mind about the fireworks even they are so loud!
    Wishes from Nero


  2. To answer your question, a LOT. 😉 But I am glad as these photos made me smile. Worth a handful of cookies to be sure. As for you being innocent… Only your humans would know the answer to that but I thinj you look sweet as can be.

    Happy New Year to all of you!


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