Jumping into the New Year

While I was at Fido’s, I perfected my jumping. There are a couple of places where this can happen: half walls into the small dog park and some of the interior doors open at the top.

What’s that, Mom? They’re Dutch doors? You must be crazy–they don’t look very Dutch to me. WHATEVER!! I’m telling this story, so I’ll call them what I want….(Mom just said I sounded like a bratty teenager. Well, what does she think I am? A dog????)

So, I jump these DUTCH doors and the half wall with no problem. They partially shut the top portion of the DUTCH doors, but I was smarter than they were! I figured out how to pull it open. Then they shut the DUTCH doors all the way. Meanies…… This is a bad picture of me coming off the wall, but you get the idea.

Mom said I was going to start agility this month! If I can jump, I think I’ll like it!!

And I think jumping to the Blog Hop is a good thing to do this New Year’s Day!! Hope you are having a good one.

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8 thoughts on “Jumping into the New Year

  1. Hi Sage, that’s great if you can start agility! I would love that but here is no place and no one has made those jumping things for me… Tell me what you think about it after you have tried! Good thing is that I have huge garden and lots of ‘half walls’ to jump up and down! Nero


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