My First Year in Pictures

I told Mom we should show how much I’ve grown this year–I think I can find some of my bestest photos for you!

This is my very first day home! I was 10-weeks old. My ears are folded down and I had short, funny-looking fur.

We went to the ocean for the very first time (for me, of course) when I was 3-months old.

At 4-months, my ears were starting to stand up! Well, sorta….

It was summer, and I discovered water!! This is me at the Sandy River at 7-months old.

You KNOW how much I love the water!! But did you know I was a fountain!

At 8-months old, I was really enjoying lots of water fun and running on the river beach!

When I was around 10-months old, I had to establish my rights in the cat tree.

And after that battle was won, I moved on to digging. One of my passions still…

I helped Mom rake leaves when I was 1-year old!

And here I am today, still a bit gangly but having lots of fun!

I want to thank all of you for visiting my blog this past year! I’ve made so many new friends that I can’t even count them all (counting is not one of my best skills though). I also thought that since I was a “bratty teenager” (that’s what Mom said, anyhow), I would update my blog site! I’m still working on it, so keep checking back.

I can’t wait to tell you all my adventures in 2011!!