Starting on the Trail

1000 Acres (my favorite park in the whole wide world) was pretty much a mud pit. At least that’s what Mom said anyhow. Toby took the grassier side and almost got caught in a bramble, but I forged ahead, up the hill, in the mud.

We have to stay on-leash until we get out of the parking lot. That’s the rules, Mom says. She said she could get a BIG, HUGE fine. Yuck.

But then……..WHOOHOO! Off-leash!!!

It’s the only outdoor place Mom trusts me to be off-leash and I’m really good there. Not sure what’s up with that, but it’s so big that I can run and run and run and still see Mom and come back when she calls me.

There were so many sniffs we had to take. Who’s been here? Is that a horse I smell? Hey, Toby! I smell a mouse too. What are you smelling?

I couldn’t be happier!

I could feel a huge case of the zoomies coming on.

We had a lot more adventures on this trip, so it’s like they say on tee vee:

…to be continued“.