Into the Brambles

I saw some other dogs on the trail, so I went into my “little dog” stance. Mom says I’m herding, but I don’t know anything about that. We don’t live on a ranch or anything, but I think I came from one! Does that count?

Mom told me there are places where I can go learn about it. There are sheep there too. I’ve never met a sheep….I wonder if they like to run and play too? Or would I have to be the boss and make them behave? I think I’ll get on the internet and check this out when we get home. Sounds like fun!!

Hey, Toby!  Come help me do some more sniffing! We might be on to something here.

I ended up in the middle of a bunch of brambles. They really are blackberry bushes, but they’re all over the place. Mom says they’re invasive. I remember those black things on them last summer. Hu-mans actually eat them! Not me. I like the stuff lying around out here, but Mom won’t let me eat that either.

Then we got back to business.

Mom said her boots were making a sucking sound. Not me! The more mud the better, I say!

Can you see that ice there? I had fun playing with it. It was just like a rock, but tasted a little like water.

Water? Did you say water? That’s even better than mud puddles. Where is it? Let’s hurry, Mom. Get the lead out…..