Chapter 3: On to the Pond

I had all this planned so that you could hear about my adventures at 1000 Acres last weekend–sorta like a book. With chapters. And I blew it because I JUST had to show you that picture yesterday of me in the pond. Yes, it’s the middle of winter. And yes, it was 32 degrees F. and colder than cold. And double yes, I’m CRAZY ABOUT WATER, so who cares!

So, that’s that. But, I liked that picture. I was a fountain!! Again. But, you want to hear my story, right? Chapter 3. Here goes…

We got out of the brambles and arrived at a meadow.
We’ve had lots of rain this year. LOTS of rain. But it wasn’t raining this day! There is a pond at 1000 Acres that was a mudpit last summer. Now it was full. And, I mean F-U-L-L! Now, you know me, I beat Mom there and had already gone in. Well, you saw that yesterday anyhow.

I zoomed around the pond.

Back in–with my buddy Toby II!

Then I rolled a little in the dried marsh grasses.

But, I still liked being a fountain!

I’m pretty good at that, huh?

Oh, and I did get a bit dirty……


7 thoughts on “Chapter 3: On to the Pond

  1. That is so cool Sage. I wish I could be a fountain too, but that water looks cold and it looks a lot like a bath. I just got back from he groomers yesterday — no more water for me for a while I hope! I’m glad you’re having fun though! I wish I could run with you at the park. I’d watch you in the water though. 🙂

    Your Pal,


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