Have you ever played tetherball? There’s a ball in that word, so you must know that’s my second favorite thing to do. Water is the first (of course). My favorite dog park in the whole, wide world (Fido’s) put up a couple of tetherballs for us to play with. At first, I wasn’t too sure¬† about this–that’s NOT where balls are supposed to be.

When there’s something new, I like to let someone else be the first to try it. (Well, except for jumping in a river, but you know how I feel about that.) Who knows what will happen and I don’t intend to be the first to find out–but once I know it’s an OK thing, watch out!

This was a LOT of fun! My friends loved them too. OMD, this was a good game. But some of my friends bit the ball too hard and it went poof. Not a big poof, like a balloon–just a poof. They just weren’t balls any more.

Mom is helping Fido’s find some heavy-duty tetherballs that might last longer. I think she needs to get me one too! Has anybody had one that works well and doesn’t go poof?

In the meanwhile, let’s go to the blog hop! See you there–and please don’t go poof!!!

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