Have you ever played tetherball? There’s a ball in that word, so you must know that’s my second favorite thing to do. Water is the first (of course). My favorite dog park in the whole, wide world (Fido’s) put up a couple of tetherballs for us to play with. At first, I wasn’t too sure  about this–that’s NOT where balls are supposed to be.

When there’s something new, I like to let someone else be the first to try it. (Well, except for jumping in a river, but you know how I feel about that.) Who knows what will happen and I don’t intend to be the first to find out–but once I know it’s an OK thing, watch out!

This was a LOT of fun! My friends loved them too. OMD, this was a good game. But some of my friends bit the ball too hard and it went poof. Not a big poof, like a balloon–just a poof. They just weren’t balls any more.

Mom is helping Fido’s find some heavy-duty tetherballs that might last longer. I think she needs to get me one too! Has anybody had one that works well and doesn’t go poof?

In the meanwhile, let’s go to the blog hop! See you there–and please don’t go poof!!!

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17 thoughts on “Tetherball

  1. I’ve never seen one of those before, but it looks like a good idea! Good luck with finding a Sage and pals-proof ball!


  2. Hi Sage, glad you popped by, I’m been missing your posts, its sorted now you are on my side bar. Thanks for hosting FG you have all year, looking forward to a post card ; )
    Them balls do look fun.
    See Yea George xxx


  3. Hey Sage,
    You know some dogs love balls and other couldn’t care less. Bambi is one of those dogs that just has no use for a ball. When she first came I tried to get her to be interested in balls but no she just could not be even tempted !!!!! Balls help with exercise and that would have been good!!! Maybe it is the sight hound in her…..
    Thanks for your visit to our blog. Do come back soon.
    xx, Bambi & Fern


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment.
    That tetherball game looks like fun. Here’s an idea of balls that don’t go poof and are still soft and light enough not to get hurt: balls made entirely out of foam. We used them for Aschiuta too, but she loves to chew pieces from them, so we’re sticking to tennis balls.
    Oh, and I noticed in your Blogger profile you said you’d like WordPress to have something like the Google friend connect option. There is a plugin that adds that feature to WordPress too.


    • I looked into that, but you have to be on WordPress.org and have a web host. However, I’ve been looking into it and may make the switch. It would give me much more flexibility.


  5. Hi Sage! First of all from my person, Big THANKS for helping her get the list on my site. The non-java-script code didn’t work for her (she’s not very techie! but she works cheap) so we copied from your site and it worked. Hope you don’t mind!
    Listen you are my hero you live peacefully with TWO cats!
    I also have trouble with my ball. I don’t play tetherball I just love to catch it so I now just play with a flat one! Such is life! Thanks for stopping by our blog. This is a lot of fun!


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