12 thoughts on “Morning Dilemma

  1. My cat drinks from the sink, even when her water bowl and both the dogs’ water bowls are full. I think it’s just a fun diversion for her!

    Thanks for stopping by All Things Dog Blog. I enjoyed visiting your blog too. Will you be at Blogpaws in August?


  2. Love those kittehs in the sink! Would be great entry in the cat section of MangoMinster hee hee! Sage – do you chase those sweet cats? Great photo!
    Sammie, Avalon and Oz


  3. What an adorable sight for sore eyes! I swear, if I saw your 2 kitties in my sink I would let them drink in there as often as they’d like!
    Your picture reminded me of an new client interview with a lady who owned 2 cats and in the middle of our chat I turned to look towards her sink and there they both were…in the sink! Funny thing…..one of her cats was a tortoiseshell!
    Thanks for mentioning that Toby may need a few counseling sessions with Daisy, The Official Barkaholics Counselor of Blogville, and if Toby is willing to admit he has a problem we can set up an appointment asap!


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