My Trip to the V-E-T

Uhhhhh, I have a tummy-ache. A bad one. It HURTS. Or at least it did. Well, it still does. I guess I have to tell you what I did, or you’ll be wondering why I have a tummy-ache.

Mom found a plastic dog toy (a t-bone looking thing) under the couch. WAY under. It had been Maggie’s but I think I played with it some. Anyhow, she put it in my toy basket and I took it out and (when they weren’t watching) I started chewing it up. I don’t know why plastic has a nice taste to it, but it just does. So do acorns, sticks, stuffed toys, tug toys–well, just about anything. I like to chew on stuff. Not the furniture or clothes or rocks or stuff like that. I’m selective! That’s it! I know “leave it”, but I like to “sneak it”. Mom NEVER should have put that t-bone in my basket. I snuck it.

Yesterday, I started throwing up and throwing up and throwing up. This is icky, so you might want to close your eyes for a few words–after throwing up lots more, I started throwing up white foam. I did NOT feel good.

Mom and Dad took me to DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. That’s because it was Sunday evening and my vet was home having fun. I wasn’t.

I’ve never been to the ER before. It was nice! There were some really friendly hu-mans that asked me how I felt. Well, I told them. We had to fill out some paperwork–I helped Mom with it. Then we waited for the Vet.

There was this big bowl of fishies that we looked at. I thought they were pretty silly swimming around in all that water. If I didn’t feel so bad, I’d have jumped in with them! You know how much I like water…

Then they called my name. “Sage”. That’s me! I’m coming.

The vet was nice, but I sure wasn’t going to let her put that thing in my butt. I don’t know any other way to say that, so if you are sensitive, close your eyes!

She said we could do x-rays, but, since it was Sunday evening, we could wait until my vet (who’s home having fun) comes in. That’s because she didn’t feel any “bloat” or tenderness in my tummy–those were her words. If I don’t throw up anymore, maybe I won’t have to do that! They did stick a big needle between my shoulder-blades and I looked like a camel! Camels carry water in a big hump and so did I. They also gave me some anti-nausea drugs.

I feel a little bit better this morning, but don’t give me any food. Even rice and cottage cheese. ICK