Almost Down the Steps

George the Lad has some pretty awesome steps where he lives. Well, when I went to Mt. Tabor this week, I ALMOST went down some steps. I wonder if that counts? Actually, this was a “Come” moment. I was on the run down the hill for a treat, and steps would have slowed me down!!

I bet you don’t know what was at the bottom of this hill? A huge mud puddle! And guess who rolled in it……

Bath time–AGAIN!

Mom said I set a record for the amount of dirt she hosed off. Wow! I wonder if I can top it?

Now it’s time for the Saturday Blog Hop! I’m TRYING to stay clean for it….


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21 thoughts on “Almost Down the Steps

  1. Vof – morning Sage! I just woke…..late, because it’s raining a lot and I don’t like to stay much out then! I’m happy you enjoy all the weathers and find so great places…vow a new mud puddle!
    Have a wonderful weekend! Nero


  2. Sage is a lucky pup – there are no puddles in sight here, just mini ice rinks! Tashi will have to wait for another six weeks or so to have the fun of splashing through water – caught you on the blog hop.


  3. Hey thanks for joining me on Saturday, yes they count : ) just look at the colour of that bath water!!!
    I bet mom just loves bathing you so much!!


  4. Oh Sage. You’re SO a dog after my own heart. I haven’t rolled in a mud puddle for months. My humans are getting too good at hiding them away from me. I went to the beach this morning and got a bath too when I got home. I don’t know why we have to be so clean. Do YOU?

    P.S. Thanks for being my friend! Happy Sunday 🙂


  5. It’s a good think you like water Sage. I think I must be part cat. I don’t like baths at all. I like my stink, and my mud. Although, I’ve been kind of clean lately …no rain and the cats have fled my backyard. Mama says all we have to worry about are the skunks that are overrunning our little town. We smell them every night now.

    Happy Blog Hop Buddy!



  6. Yes, you’re right, Aschiuta and Sage are just as energetic. Come to think of it, they look a bit alike too (except for the fur colour).
    But as long as you both are having fun and nobody gets hurt, it’s good to get some exercise with your dog.


  7. Oh, mud puddles are the best! A few of the FiveSibes are known as “mud monsters” but it will be a few months before they will enjoy those. So they will enjoy them via you, Sage! Have a blast!


  8. Whoa…there was a lot of mud in that bath tub! Mount Tabor looks awesome…we have it on our list of places to visit in Portland.

    I bet Sage is all fluffy and soft now 🙂 I love it right after they’ve had a bath!

    P.S. Yes! I got the Linky to work. Thanks so much for your help!


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