Friday Sniffs

We went to this great dog park not far from our house. It’s at the base of an extinct volcano and there’s a big reservoir at the top. We didn’t go up there, but that’s OK. You KNOW what I do around water, although Mom just whispered in my ear that I can’t get near the reservoir. I think they are just plain party-poopers, right?

Anyhow, this dog park isn’t fenced all the way around, so Mom was a bit nervous. I know, she can put me on a leash. And I have to most of the time, but she keeps testing me. I think I’m testing her!! Actually, when I wander off, I don’t go far and I come back. What’s her problem?  I just have to sniff up wherever I go and then I come. I have no problem with that.

Actually, you saw me in full race mode the other day. Well, here I am in sniff mode. I have a pretty impressive tail. At least I think so….

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