Looking for Spring

There must have been 1,000 birds in the trees around my house today–maybe even 10,000! Whatever, I think they are just making me bark. They’re worse than those bushy-tailed rats (Mom calls them squirrels). They sit up in the trees and chatter at me. And let me tell you, I don’t put up with that. No siree! Not for a minute.

So, I began to wonder–what’s all this about? Why are all these birds in the trees? Is spring coming? I was on the trail and there was a lot of green.

But it’s usually green in Portland in the winter. Then I went out in my front yard. What’s this? Could it be some of Mom’s tulips and daffodils coming up?

I PROMISED I wouldn’t eat them, but I got to get some really good sniffs. I love pretty flowers, but Mom says I have to wait. What’s with this wait stuff? Come on! GET GROWING!!