Not So Muddy Monday

You know, it rains here a LOT and last week we had this white rain coming down. Mom said it was snow, but we didn’t have very much. At least this time it covered the ground–for a while. Anyhow, I figured the best approach was to eat it.

It’s been VERY cold since then, but today we took a walk around the neighborhood and saw these big snow balls leaning against a fire hydrant–was this a snowman? Toby and I had to do a lot of sniffing–maybe there was a treat inside! Further along, we saw signs of spring. These pretty little jonquils were very brave to be out here in the cold, that’s for sure!

Then, would you believe it? We saw ANOTHER snowman! Wow, this was really something. There were some pretty interesting sniffs around this one. I think some of my friends have been here! It took so long to read all that pee-mail that we thought maybe we were going to turn into a snowman!

When we got home, we saw these pretty little dwarf irises that Mom planted last fall. Mom said they were so pretty that she was going to plant more!It was a pretty nice walk!! A little bit of winter; a little bit of spring. But, no mud…….

What I have to put up with…

Hi, everyone! This is Mystic here–I butted Sage off the computer and let her know I was in charge today!! I wanted to let you see what I have to put up with in this house. Sometimes it just give me the vapors…..

There WAS a safe zone, which was Mom & Dad’s bedroom. See, there’s a baby (get that Sage? B-A-B-Y) gate¬† that was SUPPOSE to keep her out. Well, that didn’t last. She jumps that gate like, well….like I do! Hmmmmm. Is she part cat?

If she would JUST leave me alone, but no–she pokes at me and pokes at me. What in the world does this dog want? Does she actually think I’m going to wrestle with her like she does with her pals at Fido’s? NOT!

I have to give her a hard time. After all, she bullied her way into the condo of OUR cat tree. I do OK with being in the penthouse, but sometimes I just have to sneak into her condo. We only had one argument, so our agreement is still working.

So, here we are again. Another “power struggle”, at least that’s the way I see it. Mom says we have to all live together. So, where do we go next?

Mom says we do the Saturday Blog Hop now. That’s OK with me!

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My Version of a Bath

I bet by now you’ve figured out I L-O-V-E water. Any kind. Well, except for a bath. And, of course, there’s always mud this time of the year around here. I have a really good nose for finding some of the best! So, how to avoid the dreaded bath? This is what I did:

I probably shouldn’t tell you Mom put me on a leash when we got back to the mud puddles……

Sniffs & Stares

A couple of days ago, we had probably the only snow we will get this year in Portland this year.

What did you say, Mom?

Watch what I wish for?

What’s that suppose to mean?

Anyway, before I was rudely interrupted, there was this stuff coming out of the sky that looked like big rain drops that were white. Not having seen snow before, I did a lot of sniffing. You have to be careful not to get one of those rain drop thingees in your nose. Not nice…..

And then, there’s the squirrel thing. I’ve tried to stare them out of those trees, but that doesn’t seem to work very well.

Those darn squirrels must be hibernating or something. Or is that what bears do? I just know that they LOVE to tease Toby and me. I wonder what would happen if one got in my mouth? Well, these squirrels would get unstuffed–that’s a fact. But a real squirrel? Not a chance. I think I just have to sniff and stare at them…….

So, I think it’s time for a Blog Hop.

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