Just wanted to let you know the CONDO IS STILL MINE!!

Pee Ess: If you haven’t been following, this tells you about the condo wars I had with the kitties. We reached a settlement, but sometimes Mystic sneaks into my condo. I kinda like that. She secretly rubs against me too–I guess dogs and kitties CAN be furiends.

(Mystic says to tell you it sure is taking a while….)

6 thoughts on “Nighty-night

  1. dear Sage, i just read all about how you were at war with The Cats. how terrifying not to know if you’re going to get slapped while you’re sleeping! i’m glad you reached a settlement. you look very happy.

    btw, how do you jump up and fit onto that little perch? is that like how you can run with 4 legs off the ground? i think the whole thing would collapse if i tried something like that. i am 43kgs, after my diet. i feel quite skinny.

    have a great weekend! xox


  2. Vof Sage, you have the best place next to the window! Yesterday Nelli (cat) was so determined to sleep in Foxy’s chair that we had to take her 10 times away to understand… I sleep at night on the sofa and no one bothers me!
    Have a great day! Nero


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