Muddy Monday

I told you all about the wonderful qualities of mud in Mud Bath and I topped it off (so far) with the glorious roll I had in the mud at Mt. Tabor. Now THAT was a mud bath!! There are a couple of ponds at 1000 acres that are pretty full this time of the year and I make a beeline for them! Of course, there’s always the inevitable bath in the tub.

It’s been pretty nice weather lately (which means it’s not raining EVERY day), and Mom’s daughter came to visit. And guess what? We did 3 hikes this weekend! Yes, yes, YES! I said three. I’m pretty pooped, but it was fun. I have to tell you all about them, but Mom says I need to stick to the subject (she’s a party-pooper).

OK…, we were back at 1000 acres this morning.

There weren’t too many hu-mans and dogs out there today. Maybe because it rained just a tiny little bit. Toby and I played and played and ran and ran. Toby’s feeling SO much better since he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and we had a good time together.

But we saw some dogs and I was in the position!

Well, guess what was at the end of this trail? Another POND!! I’m in 7th heaven right about now, but I bet you couldn’t guess that. At least there wasn’t ice on it this time…..

Is there anything better than this?

George the Lad thought I should do a Muddy Monday series. I think I’m well on the way! Good idea, George!

3 thoughts on “Muddy Monday

  1. Oh, yes, I’m sure you’d have no problem covering MANY Mondays with a mud theme, Sage! Looks cold to me out there but I’m glad you guys were able to get out to 1000 acres today. I didn’t realize Toby had hypothyroidism. Sounds like the diagnosis is recent. Sometimes it’s so great just to know WHAT you’re dealing with, right?!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


  2. Hi Sage! Vof, you had a good time with Toby! Sorry to hear that Toby has that hypothy… I hope it doesn’t trouble him too much.
    I’m amazed that you love so much water…freezing water!!! Great to see you so happy and enjoing your life!
    Your new photo up is beautiful! Did you go to some ‘mysteryland’?
    Have a great time! Kisses from Nero and Teje


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