Bestest Kitteh

The excitement is building in the Mango Minster 2011 contest! Today you can vote for the bestest Kitteh of all, and you know my Mystic entered, don’t you? You can see her post here. I let her use MY computer, but she says she was here first so it’s OUR computer.

She gets all long-suffering, don’t ya think? But I think she’s the perfect Kitteh for this job.

So, all you have to do is go to Mango Minster 2011 and leave a comment saying who you think the bestest Kitteh is. You have to do it by noon, EST, on Friday, Feb 11th so don’t wait. I’d sure love it if you’d vote for Mystic–I’m sure she’s the bestest one of all!!

Pee Ess: Mystic told me to say all this good stuff about her or she’d scratch my eyes out………

Pee Ess Ess: She also told me it would be nice to get out of this stupid sink so she could go vote for herself.

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