Valentine’s Day

I had a pretty pawsome Valentine’s Day yesterday! Lots and lots of good stuff happened. It was rainy, so we went to Fido’s (my favorite indoor dog park) in the morning. Toby usually just hangs out, but I decided it was time to PLAY. With ME. And he did! Everyone there couldn’t believe it, but I know my Toby is feeling so much better. Mom tried to take a picture, but we were just a blur. We were mixing it up pretty well!

Then we went back to Fido’s in the afternoon and guess what? They were having a paw-ty! A Valentine Paw-ty!! Just for us dogs. And there was a photographer there taking pictures. She’s a really pawsome person. She takes lots of dog pictures and goes to lots and lots of agility meets and takes their pictures too. She even told Mom about my agility teacher a loooong time ago (well, a long time for me).

She had this nice table with a big pillow right there in the dog park! I know it was just for me, so I decided to show her how well I can jump and pose and jump and pose and…. All right, Mom, I hear you. But that was fun! She took lots of pictures of me. Well, I was posing so well and all… Her dog even got up there with me and she took our picture together. I think I kind of stole the show–so to speak. Mom finally told me I had to go play ball or wrestle or something so someone else could get their picture taken. See? Someone else did get to lay on that pillow.

So, I did. But I found out there were cookies. Just for dogs! Of course, I had to have one–Toby and I shared. We do that sometimes.

But wait, that’s not all! We went home and guess what? I got mail. YES. Me.

It was from Gus! OMD, do these look amazing.

Will you be my Valentine, Gus? You are the BEST!!

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