What I have to put up with…

Hi, everyone! This is Mystic here–I butted Sage off the computer and let her know I was in charge today!! I wanted to let you see what I have to put up with in this house. Sometimes it just give me the vapors…..

There WAS a safe zone, which was Mom & Dad’s bedroom. See, there’s a baby (get that Sage? B-A-B-Y) gateΒ  that was SUPPOSE to keep her out. Well, that didn’t last. She jumps that gate like, well….like I do! Hmmmmm. Is she part cat?

If she would JUST leave me alone, but no–she pokes at me and pokes at me. What in the world does this dog want? Does she actually think I’m going to wrestle with her like she does with her pals at Fido’s? NOT!

I have to give her a hard time. After all, she bullied her way into the condo of OUR cat tree. I do OK with being in the penthouse, but sometimes I just have to sneak into her condo. We only had one argument, so our agreement is still working.

So, here we are again. Another “power struggle”, at least that’s the way I see it. Mom says we have to all live together. So, where do we go next?

Mom says we do the Saturday Blog Hop now. That’s OK with me!

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18 thoughts on “What I have to put up with…

  1. Hi Sage, it’s Nero here. I know how it is…I love my Nelli (cat) and want to smell her, play with her and she runs away and sometimes even scratch my nose – autzzz!
    It’ good we have our doggie friends! Hugs from Nero


  2. We has a rilly tall baby gate wot none of us can jump ofur and it has a little kitteh door in the bottom. But gess wot? My sis Sydney can squoosh her big fat 55 pound behind THRU THE CAT DOOR! So I say gib it up. The dogs is always gonna introod on kitteh turf one way or anudder.


  3. I don’t have any cat friends. I would be friends if you cats would play. Give Sage a chance. Sage is the best dog ever … almost as great as ME! You shouldn’t take her for granted.
    Are you hearing me … cat!
    Your pal,


  4. I have two kitties that live here who ignore me or smack me, which ever they feel like doing, so it looks like you guys get along pretty good to me!

    Nubbin wiggles


  5. Stopping by again to award you another Stylish Blogger award. I missed seeing your badge earlier so I guess you’ll just have to shore up your trophy shelf to make it a little stronger.



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