Our Trip to the V-E-T

Toby and I both had to go to the V-E-T today for part of our annual checkup. I bet you won’t believe this, but I LIKE going to the V-E-T! First we had to sit on this bouncy thing. I got a treat when I did a proper sit. I heard them say I weighed 40 pounds–40 pounds of pure muscle. I’ve worked really hard to be trim and slim. It takes a LOT of running and wrestling and running and running, but here’s the proof!! Not one ounce of fat on these bones.

Then we went into a room and waited for the technician. She talked to Mom & Dad about stuff. See my ears? I was listening HARD. So was Toby.

It was getting a bit boring, so I decided to just wait it out. It was going OK so far. Well, except for one little thing. I’m going to whisper this in your ear, so pay attention. It’s the thing they try to stick in your butt. I won’t have any part of that, no siree. The indignity of it all–that’s what I say. So, guess what? They didn’t!

Then I had to check out this little room. I know there’s treats somewhere. Maybe that’s them in the back.If I sit here and look like a pretty little girl (which I am, by the way), maybe I’ll get some!

When Dr. Bob came in, he started poking all over me. Doesn’t he know anything about tummy rubs? I really prefer them. And what’s this business about sticking stuff in my ears?

That deserved some freeze-dried hot dogs, I think. I managed to get all the rest Mom had in her pocket too! This nice person took me into another room and stuck a needle in my leg. She said it was to test for heartworms. Worms? ICK. Thank goodness I don’t have any of those things. ICK ICK ICK.

But that’s not why I got all the rest of the hot dog treats. They trimmed my toenails. I HATE anyone touching my feet–almost as much as trying to stick something up my butt. And Mom’s always messing with my feet. How would they like it if their feet were constantly touched? Well, I got all the hot dogs and they only got a couple of scratches. I’d say that was a pretty fair trade!

Finally we were done and we got to leave. But not before I checked out the resident kitties. There are two and they like to hang out on the counters.This kitty and I touched noses!

PeeEss: Do you remember those pretty hyacinths I showed you the other day? They now smell pretty!! I think they just had to grow up. Like me.

Monday Musing

I’m thinking I really like spring! It’s warmer, the birds are singing and I’m digging. Oops. Mom! Don’t look. I didn’t say anything. Really.

Mom was digging too, so she can’t say anything about me digging. She planted 2 more blueberry bushes so the one my hu-brother gave her will hopefully do something. I’m not sure I’ll like blueberries, but I sure do like those strawberries that grow in a pot on our deck. I’ll let you know though.

See those hyacinths? They’re suppose to smell really nice. I couldn’t smell a thing, but I think it’s because they were still working on their smell.

Mom found one from another place in our yard and said I could have it in my condo window. Now I can sniff it when I’m in too!

When we went on our walk this morning, I had to stop and smell the tulips in our front yard. They didn’t smell either. What’s up with that?

I think I like spring and all these pretty flowers! And, of course, the digging. If Mom would just tell me where she needs a hole………..

The Kaw-Kaws are Back!

I was sitting out here enjoying a stick and started hearing a raucous kaw-kaw noise.I looked up (carefully, because there has been some *stuff* falling out of the sky onto the deck) and there they are!

Not one, but two!

Do you remember last year? I couldn’t even go into MY own yard for two days. In case you forgot, check it out here. These birds are hatching new ones to torment me. See? Here’s the evidence:

A nest…..They just keep coming back, year after year. What’s up with that? I sure hope their babies are more responsible this year. What’s a dog suppose to do if one of their babies decides to use MY backyard as a flight training school again?

Oops, Mom just butted in and said I need to get a grip. A GRIP? Doesn’t she know two days of not being in my backyard is two days of not digging or not chewing sticks? What did you say, Mom? Your yard might NOT miss me? I might be blowing this up out of proportion?

Well, it happened last year……

Maybe these crows will come visit the Saturday Blog Hop!

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The Dog Chute

I heard Mom say we were going to the dog shoot next. I didn’t know what to think? Was she going to shoot ME? I’m focusing, Mom, I’m focusing!! I promise I’ll do better. Just say “COME” and I’ll be there. I will…

But, we got there and, pshewwwwww, I found out there was another word that sounded like shoot. It was a dog CHUTE. We stood on the edge and checked it out. Pretty much straight down but that’s OK. We are fearless, Kaly and me! But, first, we had to wrestled a bit, then,

down we went! There were a bunch of other dogs playing there too. We had a dog party!!

Up and down we went! I thought I was pretty agile! Do you think this counts for my agility training?

By the way, this is the chute. I was shooting right up it. I wonder if that’s what Mom meant????

We finally had to leave. Mom said it was going to rain and we’d get wet. Wet? Is she nuts? I’m already soaked! But on the way back, Kaly & I had to make a detour down into an inlet of the Columbia.

I washed off some of that mud, but Mom said I STUNK and smelled like seaweed. I thought it was rather a pleasant odor, but a bath was worth it. Pretty good adventure, wasn’t it?

PS: It hailed when we got back to the car. Silly weather…….

Check out the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! I don’t think I was very “wordless” today. 😦

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On to the Bird Blind

I TOLD you I had more to my adventure. Kaly and I had a little unfocused rabble-rousing on the way to a new trail at 1000 Acres.

And we found this amazing meadow!

It went on, and on, and on! And so did the 3 Musketeers!

We were pretending we were Lewis and Clark. Exploring, like they did around here.

We found this Bird Blind. This structure was part of the Confluence Project and was designed by Maya Lin. Those slats are made from the black locust tree, “a long-lasting, sustainable hardwood that is considered invasive in the Northwest.” Actually, I probably could make short work of it. Wood chewing is one of my specialties–after balls and mud, of course.

Each slat is inscribed with the 134 species Lewis and Clark identified as they forged westward. Actually, there are 4 different time periods on these slats giving the status of these species. Pretty neat, huh? Here’s just a little bit of what we could see:

I wonder if Lewis & Clark stood here and looked across the Columbia at the snow-capped mountains?

But, there’s more! You know what’s going to happen if I’m this close to water. That’s for tomorrow. I promise!!

Muddy Monday

Wow! We had fun, fun, fun on our weekend adventure to mud-ville. Well, I did, at least. After a little romp in the first mud-puddle I found, there has to be a roll in the dirt. Oh, right, gravel. SORRY, Mom….

We had quite a lot of rain this past week, so 1000 Acres was full of new water attractions. Kaly and I made short work of this one.

Then on to a bigger pond. I thought this fence was a nice addition! I don’t think it’s suppose to be in the water.

I was shaking up the water by now. With a stick in my mouth too! But, please note the mud in the foreground.We moved on to another new wet place. Of course, I was right in the middle of it (Please look closely at my nose). Mom just sighs and knows what’s coming. But, I’m oblivious to it all. Mud, I think, is my middle name.

Stay tuned! There’s more to this adventure to come!!