Muddy Monday

Another Monday. Another mud puddle! It was a cold and foggy day, but that didn’t deter us from going to my favorite place in the whole wide world-1000 acres. We go there a LOT because Mom says it’s the only place she trusts me off-leash. She’s pretty smart about that. We did talk about some other places around Portland that we are going to try, but I’ll probably have to be on that darn leash. We’re just waiting for the weather to get a little bit better. It does happen! Really!!

Meanwhile, back on the trail (as they say). Please note the condition of my tail.

I’d already found a few mud puddles but there’s a lot of open ground where I can race and race and race. Usually I can find another dog to race with me. It sure is nice to be a dog!!

This was a particularly good mud puddle one–big enough to do a little splashing around in. Small enough to really get into it….

and, of course, I always have to check out who’s coming and going. You just never know!

but, doing a little “crazy dance” is very satisfying!

I guess there’s no escaping the inevitable, though.

Have a Happy Monday everyone!