Movin’ out!

I like to run. Yep, that’s what I said. I…LIKE…TO…RUN!

Mom says it burns up some of my “energy”.

Did you notice–no feet on the ground? Now, that’s what I call “movin’ out”!

But, I do have to stop and rest. Believe it or not.

Note the tongue. It’s sorta hanging out. Well, let me tell you, I think I’m feeling my age! I was still pooped today…..

And in case you’re wondering–I don’t get a bath EVERY week. It depends on how much mud I wash off in one of the ponds……And whether I roll in some really stinky stuff (like I did last weekend). Boy, did I ever smell NICE!! And I can’t even get in the car until Mom towels me off! She even has a special seat cover that Toby & I have to sit on. What’s up with that? Oh, right, Mom–it keeps your car a little cleaner. RIGHT!!

14 thoughts on “Movin’ out!

  1. Hi Sage,
    Bambi use to love to run and she did a lot in her time. Now that she is 13.5 years old she only runs once in a while.
    But when she feels real good she still does!
    She and I are celebrating our 13 years together, please come over and help us celebrate.
    xx, Bambi & Fern


  2. I wish you were HERE, Sage! We would have a ball!

    P.S. I thanked you for …you know…the award thingy. Did you have a look? I hope your human doesn’t get cross. My human can be a bit p.r.e.s.u.m.p.t.i.o.u.s.


  3. Wish I could be running around with you, Sage. Maybe hugmamma will cart me to wherever it is you live. Then again, maybe not. She’ll have to post some pics of me frolicking about. Stop by and see if she does.

    wagging my tail at you…mocha. 🙂


  4. Am just leaving another comment to see if this is accepted, or is again spammed. Perhaps the more I comment, your blog will recognize me and not spam my comments anymore. Trying to unscramble what’s been scrambled. ha,ha.

    have a wonderful day frolicking…hugmamma. 🙂


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