Whip Me!

This is “the whip”.

It’s a 4-foot training or buggy whip with a fire-hose tug toy tied to the end. Apparently I need to focus more on Mom or Dad–that’s what teacher said anyhow. I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about–I focus on a ball, and stuff in the dirt, and on squirrels, and on bird noises, and on people walking by and…..

What did you say, Mom? I need to focus on you? Oh, boy. Well, let me see what this is all about.  You “crack” the whip and I get to play. Sounds pretty good to me!!

Wow, this is fun! You get to do all the work swinging this toy around, and

I get to chase it!

Got it!

OK, I’m looking at you.

Look at me! I’m focusing!! Good game, huh?

Now let’s focus on the Saturday Blog Hop.

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26 thoughts on “Whip Me!

    • We tied a fire-hose material or other tug-type toy to the end of a buggy whip (about 4-foot) with some extra cording. Swing the whip around (ground level) and let the dog try and catch it. Let her play with it for a bit; do a little tug-a-war then take it away from her. Put her in a down position and make her “stay” for a bit. Eye contact is good. Release her and do it again.


  1. We agree with the Herd – focus equates with food!!! Looks like a fun toy, but we bet you prefer a ball:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. Thanks for stopping by and watching our story about Moses. Please spread the word and ask people to come over and watch it. It’s important that people see that mean people still exist and dogs are being neglected.


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