On to the Bird Blind

I TOLD you I had more to my adventure. Kaly and I had a little unfocused rabble-rousing on the way to a new trail at 1000 Acres.

And we found this amazing meadow!

It went on, and on, and on! And so did the 3 Musketeers!

We were pretending we were Lewis and Clark. Exploring, like they did around here.

We found this Bird Blind. This structure was part of the Confluence Project and was designed by Maya Lin. Those slats are made from the black locust tree, “a long-lasting, sustainable hardwood that is considered invasive in the Northwest.” Actually, I probably could make short work of it. Wood chewing is one of my specialties–after balls and mud, of course.

Each slat is inscribed with the 134 species Lewis and Clark identified as they forged westward. Actually, there are 4 different time periods on these slats giving the status of these species. Pretty neat, huh? Here’s just a little bit of what we could see:

I wonder if Lewis & Clark stood here and looked across the Columbia at the snow-capped mountains?

But, there’s more! You know what’s going to happen if I’m this close to water. That’s for tomorrow. I promise!!

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