The Dog Chute

I heard Mom say we were going to the dog shoot next. I didn’t know what to think? Was she going to shoot ME? I’m focusing, Mom, I’m focusing!! I promise I’ll do better. Just say “COME” and I’ll be there. I will…

But, we got there and, pshewwwwww, I found out there was another word that sounded like shoot. It was a dog CHUTE. We stood on the edge and checked it out. Pretty much straight down but that’s OK. We are fearless, Kaly and me! But, first, we had to wrestled a bit, then,

down we went! There were a bunch of other dogs playing there too. We had a dog party!!

Up and down we went! I thought I was pretty agile! Do you think this counts for my agility training?

By the way, this is the chute. I was shooting right up it. I wonder if that’s what Mom meant????

We finally had to leave. Mom said it was going to rain and we’d get wet. Wet? Is she nuts? I’m already soaked! But on the way back, Kaly & I had to make a detour down into an inlet of the Columbia.

I washed off some of that mud, but Mom said I STUNK and smelled like seaweed. I thought it was rather a pleasant odor, but a bath was worth it. Pretty good adventure, wasn’t it?

PS: It hailed when we got back to the car. Silly weather…….

Check out the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop! I don’t think I was very “wordless” today. 😦

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25 thoughts on “The Dog Chute

  1. Cool chute. Ciara thinks she could really cake on that mud sliding down. But not so sure she would want a bath.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. That ol’ English language with all those homonyms…it’s just too much to ask, for us canines to understand all those things…aaargh…glad you had WET one today…I salted up too and stunk to high heavens…YES!!!!!!!!


  3. I can’t show this to Frankie, he would so want me to find one for him! I’m not sure if Beryl would enjoy it, she’s a bit too much of a Princess, but she might surprise me:) It looks like a heap of fun for the dogs and laughs for the humans!


  4. OMC! I would has been furry worried too to hears dog and shoot. Glad it was a chute and you looks like you had lots of fun! Silly hoomans I is quite sure you smelled just fine but I hope you loved your baff. MOL



  5. Nice chute! We also liked your trip to the Lewis and Clark bridge. The film on the dogs in Japan really made us realize how lucky many of us dogs are to have safe homes. Your Saint Patrick’s green is a great idea, we are sure the dogs in Japan will appreciate it.

    Mocha Barney, Ashley Pumpernickel and Winniechurchill


  6. If I showed Mocha these pics, I know she’d want to be adopted by you. She’d love to get down and dirty all the time, I’m sure. ha, ha.

    good for you and your four-legged family!…hugmamma. πŸ˜‰


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