The Kaw-Kaws are Back!

I was sitting out here enjoying a stick and started hearing a raucous kaw-kaw noise.I looked up (carefully, because there has been some *stuff* falling out of the sky onto the deck) and there they are!

Not one, but two!

Do you remember last year? I couldn’t even go into MY own yard for two days. In case you forgot, check it out here. These birds are hatching new ones to torment me. See? Here’s the evidence:

A nest…..They just keep coming back, year after year. What’s up with that? I sure hope their babies are more responsible this year. What’s a dog suppose to do if one of their babies decides to use MY backyard as a flight training school again?

Oops, Mom just butted in and said I need to get a grip. A GRIP? Doesn’t she know two days of not being in my backyard is two days of not digging or not chewing sticks? What did you say, Mom? Your yard might NOT miss me? I might be blowing this up out of proportion?

Well, it happened last year……

Maybe these crows will come visit the Saturday Blog Hop!

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22 thoughts on “The Kaw-Kaws are Back!

  1. I’m with you on this one, Sage. No way are you blowing such a world-shattering event out of proportion! Try explaining it to her again!


  2. Hi Sage! That’s difficult situation in your back yard! We have small birds and they make their nets every way. Soon they have babies but often they fell down before they have even features. That’s awfull – to find those tiny dead things around. I think I shall go to work today…I don’t know where is that. Have a great weekend! Nero


  3. Those kaw kaws. I hate them too. We have mad pies and cocky toos here and they’re vicious scary dog peckers too! Stay safe, Sage. If I were you, I’d wear an old ice cream bucket on my head that’s what we do here! Have a great weekend xox


  4. I’m with you Sage. We have crows too. Right now they are not in our y ard, but they have been. They are worse than the squirrels! At least the squirrels are so LOUD in the morning when I’m trying to get my HANDSOME REST!



  5. Oh my can I relate to the crows issue Sage! Luckily for us, they won’t even come in the yard if me and the dogs are outside, but they do like to sit in the trees and Caw loudly.

    The only time I have seen them get quite excited is when my cat decided to come outside. Nick was thinking it was quite lovely to have these big birds so close he could almost catch one (dinner anyone?), but I don’t think that he realized that they were eyeing him as dinner too!


  6. Oh dear that don’t sound to good, hope you get it sorted ; )
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx
    PS I can see you still like getting muddy!!!


  7. OMC! Dem Kaw-kaws better be responsibles and not keep you from your backyard, dat is just wrong. You is definitely not blowing it out of proportion my furriend. Me you can woof dem away or something MOL.


  8. Sage, we are lucky we haven’t got any trees big enough for birds to make nests in our backyard, but those bunnies sure need to get a brain – how silly can they be making nests for their babies in a yard with three sibes AND one who has a fancy for the taste of baby bunny?

    Hope those little kaw kaws stay in their tree this year until they can really fly.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  9. Your adorable. Just too ADORABLE in that last photo. Becky likes to chow down on sticks – too often. As for bird. Hmm one yr we had an over zealous Dad Robin that dive bombed me for over a mth. Nasty thing. Thankfully the Robins in more recent year have some common sense and have behaved.


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