Our Trip to the V-E-T

Toby and I both had to go to the V-E-T today for part of our annual checkup. I bet you won’t believe this, but I LIKE going to the V-E-T! First we had to sit on this bouncy thing. I got a treat when I did a proper sit. I heard them say I weighed 40 pounds–40 pounds of pure muscle. I’ve worked really hard to be trim and slim. It takes a LOT of running and wrestling and running and running, but here’s the proof!! Not one ounce of fat on these bones.

Then we went into a room and waited for the technician. She talked to Mom & Dad about stuff. See my ears? I was listening HARD. So was Toby.

It was getting a bit boring, so I decided to just wait it out. It was going OK so far. Well, except for one little thing. I’m going to whisper this in your ear, so pay attention. It’s the thing they try to stick in your butt. I won’t have any part of that, no siree. The indignity of it all–that’s what I say. So, guess what? They didn’t!

Then I had to check out this little room. I know there’s treats somewhere. Maybe that’s them in the back.If I sit here and look like a pretty little girl (which I am, by the way), maybe I’ll get some!

When Dr. Bob came in, he started poking all over me. Doesn’t he know anything about tummy rubs? I really prefer them. And what’s this business about sticking stuff in my ears?

That deserved some freeze-dried hot dogs, I think. I managed to get all the rest Mom had in her pocket too! This nice person took me into another room and stuck a needle in my leg. She said it was to test for heartworms. Worms? ICK. Thank goodness I don’t have any of those things. ICK ICK ICK.

But that’s not why I got all the rest of the hot dog treats. They trimmed my toenails. I HATE anyone touching my feet–almost as much as trying to stick something up my butt. And Mom’s always messing with my feet. How would they like it if their feet were constantly touched? Well, I got all the hot dogs and they only got a couple of scratches. I’d say that was a pretty fair trade!

Finally we were done and we got to leave. But not before I checked out the resident kitties. There are two and they like to hang out on the counters.This kitty and I touched noses!

PeeEss: Do you remember those pretty hyacinths I showed you the other day? They now smell pretty!! I think they just had to grow up. Like me.

18 thoughts on “Our Trip to the V-E-T

  1. Wow, it sounds like you had a great VET visit, Sage. Macy and I also enjoy going to the vet. We always get treats and OUR Dr. Bob sits down on the floor with us and gives us lots of love. UNfortunately, we are not able to avoid the you-know-what….lucky you!


  2. You were a very good girl at the V-E-T Sage. You’re better than me. Last time I went. I was kind of sick and grumpy. So…uh… I ….uh….. nipped at my doctor. He was very forgiving about it, but then I had to wear this thing on my head. I don’t think I’ll act like that again. I’ve been to the dog park many times, doggy day care, Mama bathes me Faroud baths me cuts my hair and nails, all sorts of stuff. I think I’ll be good. I don’t have to go for another couple of months. I hope.


  3. Such a good dog Sage! My dogs are not big fans of the vet but Nitro does okay considering how much he has been to the vet lately. You deserve a big treat! Also tell your mommy not to let you to close to the Hyacinth flowers because they can make doggies very sick. My dogs don’t pay much attention to the flowers except Nitro so he isn’t allowed in the front yard where the bulbs are planted. Here is a list I go by to check to see if some flowers are okay or not:
    Happy Tails! Christina and Lexi


    • That’s a great list! I’ll save it for later use. Fortunately, Sage has no interest in eating any of the flowers or bulbs. Even so, I have little fences around anything growing in the backyard. She has been know to pull an onion out of the garden, but it’s now got wire around each of the raised beds so she can’t jump in them.


  4. Vof Sage! I’m so happy that you enjoy visiting Dr. Bob. My Dr. Stavros goes for holidays, when it’s time for my visit there! I have been so bad boy that he’s affraid of me! But there is also a young dr. who don’t mind my anger/scare and he takes care of me. You and Toby are so perfect dogs! Like those hyacinths! xxx Nero


  5. First of all, of course you are pretty!!! We know that:)

    Glad it was a good visit. We don’t usually mind going to the vet either. They treat us pretty well even if they do take a lot of mom’s green papers. Glad to hear it went well and now it is over for another year.

    We are going to tell Mom to check out her hyacinths again and see if they smell yet:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  6. Dear Sage, I know everything about being poked in the butt. My commiserations. At least you got to scratch someone or 2. What’s this about your Dr Dog having resident kitties on the counter? Isn’t that dangerous? It would cause all sorts of mayhem if that happened in my neck of the woods. You are so gentle. It was nice to see Toby in the picture. Hope he’s well. Big hug, your friend, Georgia xox


  7. Sorry I haven’t been able to stop by and comment much lately – unfortunately I pretty rarely have internet access fast enough to handle blogs :).

    I’m glad you got a clean bill of health and that you didn’t have to suffer TOO many indignities at the vet. Murphy also loves the vet. It sometimes takes two people to hold him down when he has to have his vaccinations….he likes his doctor so much he can’t stop his butt from wagging the whole time we are there!



  8. You are such a good girl, Sage! Gus does NOT like going to the vet one bit and usually whines and cries the entire time we’re there. Maybe you could teach him a thing or two about being brave!


  9. Wow Miss Sage, you sure are courayjus at the V.E.T.! I don’t like to go there and I bark and bark and bark and Mom has to take me outside to wait for my turn. Toenail clips are AWFUL and I always make a big fuss when Dad clips mine. And you were even nice to the kittycat! You did a great job!

    Barks & Admiring Wiggles,



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