Where’s the Treats?

Yesterday, Mom & I went to a new pet store (well, new to us) and she bought me a new toy. It’s called a Teaser Ball and is a ball within a ball. It’s suppose to be “extra durable”, so I guess that’s why she got it. Actually, she told me she’s trying to find things to make me think so I won’t dig up her yard. I wonder if it’s because I almost emptied all the dirt out of one of her flower boxes yesterday morning? I really don’t have to think about that!!

Well, let me tell you, this was pretty neat! Except I thought maybe it was another of those things they put kibble in for my meals. See, I’m checking the ground.

Then I decided the inside ball was the main objective. And my nose just fits into the top of one of those holes so I can sling it around! Paws do nicely too.

This is definitely a keeper!!