Muddy Monday

On our hike in water-logged 1000 Acres, we took a fork to the Sandy River and only got so far. We *think* this was the path–only it’s a bit under water.

So, what are you gonna do? I know! Let’s play stick!

This was a big one! I’m really watching Caly for her next move.

Nice water romp, huh? It was a good day for it!

14 thoughts on “Muddy Monday

  1. You’ve been having sooo much fun without me, lately. I want to play with you at 1000 acres, too. Maybe your mom and my mom can get together and make a date for us! Yes???


  2. I bet those water trails be your most favest kind! I hiked in lots of water yesterday too. Mom had to cross ofur once in her water shoes coz it woz too deep fur her to rawk hop and all she did woz say “EWWWWWW,BRRRRRRR, COOOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDDD!” Wassup with that? The two-leggers do be such weaklings.


  3. We have a place by us called Lytle Creek! (heard of it?! It’s in So. Calif.) The melting snow runs down the mountain through rocks and woods.It goes on for miles. I bet you would love it! Me? I’m not to fond of water. But you always make it look like fun!


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