Playing is HARD Work!

I have two favorite dog parks–1000 Acres and Fido’s. Fido’s is an indoor dog park and Mom thinks it’s tops in her book when it’s rainy and wet. And when I need to exercise. And when we need to play ball. And when I want to wrestle and run and not get all wet and muddy……

I have lots of friends at Fido’s and these two are ready for fun. And so am I!!

This is Otis–let’s romp.

The dance.

And the cool down.They have these big, ol’ air movers that’s like being in a wind tunnel (well, sorta). Next to water, it’s my choice for a cool down! Speaking of water, 1000 Acres is my absolute favorite outdoor place to go. Who couldn’t love it–we are on our way out there later today. Guess you know what’s coming!

13 thoughts on “Playing is HARD Work!

  1. Oh you have a very good life Sage!!! All those dog parks to go to and play with other dogs!! Good life!!!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern


  2. What a great day you have planned, Sage. Me and Macy just have to lay around the house waiting for Mom to get home! But when she gets home, she takes us for a run with her bicycle! You should try that some time–I be you would love it as much as I do.


  3. Fido’s looks like a great place for an active pup to have lots of fun. We think we may need to send Ciara to visit one of these days:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  4. Wow, what a ton of fun you have at the park, Miss Sage! We don’t have any inside parks here!

    Barks & Wiggles,



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