Muddy Monday

Actually, this is more of a WET Monday! Mom was messing around with her camera and took this over-exposed picture, except I’m not. Maybe I have more presence than that water and grass! Then there’s the regular Sage-in-the-Water picture. Sorta reminds you of when I was a fountain!

This is how much I love water!!

19 thoughts on “Muddy Monday

  1. Sage-
    We would get along great! I just love the water too. I don’t really swim, but if I see water, I have to get in up to my belly!!

    Happy Paddling,


  2. Lol…I didn’t see the fountain photo the first time you posted it. That’s a great shot!

    P.S. We’re headed to Fredericksburg this weekend with Gus. Thought of you since you have family near there!


  3. I can see you really love the water Sage! I’m not that fond of it myself — reminds me of a bath. YECH!

    However, if you love it then I want you to totally enjoy it! Go for it buddy!

    You’re a cool fountain!

    Your pal,


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