Ball playing is an art. You have to be agile, quick and always vigilant. I do what Mom calls my “football dance”. Someday I’ll take a video, but you get the idea. That eye HAS to be on the ball.

Here’s an incoming.

And the catch.It takes a lot of skill. And some zany moves! But I get that ball every time–and then take it back to Mom for another round of great ball fun.
I’m dancing my way over to the Saturday Blog Hop. See you there!!

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22 thoughts on “Play BALLLLLLL!

  1. Wow, Sage – those are some great action shots. Your human is not only good for tossing those balls but also does a great job with the flashy box.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. You play ball just like my Bruce did!!!! He always caught the ball and he always brought it back to me to play more!!
    My sight hounds don’t seen to like balls. Bambi use catch the ball but then the game was over b./c she would not give up the ball!!
    xx, Bambi & fern


  3. Look at the excitement in your eyes. I can just picture your football dance – Kodee does it I think. Kodee is my first dog to really LOVE a good game of fetch! Becky… sigh, no. She is like my Lab, catches the 1st ball never to let go of it again. She doesnt know what she is missing.


  4. Amazing! Our 2 doxies want nothing to do with the ball but I hope our newest addition, a border collie, will start to play when he gets used to us. Love the action shots!


  5. Wow! You are good! I don’t chase balls but my sister Bob does. She runs so fast, Daddy used a tennis racket!
    I’m here from the Saturday Blog hop and I am pleased to meet you!
    Tail Wags


  6. Hey Sage,

    That’s very impressive ball work your doing there….I’ve just learnt to go and fetch the tennis ball and bring it back AND then guess what, Mum will throw it again! Maybe I need to progress to the the bigger ball like you?

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂


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