I Can Swim!

Summer is coming, I just know it. And this week is supposed to be glorious, so we are making the best of it! Today was a looooong adventure at 1000 Acres with my friend Caly and her new brother Tucker. He’s a rescue dog like Toby and Caly and ME! You can just see him in this picture where we were having a meeting on the green. Tucker’s the one that’s black and white. We are becoming best buds! Caly and I were pretending to be cows and ate grass. It was really good stuff! We found some other stuff to eat, but Mom said I couldn’t tell you what it was–too icky for hu-man ears, I guess. I personally thought it was a delicacy!!We saw another garter snake. Caly jumped 10 feet up in the air. Yes, 10 feet. That’s what I said. Toby decided to just ignore it. It crawled away, like the snake that it was. Then we found a new pond. This was huge! Like a lake. And there were ducks waaaaaaay across almost to the other side. Well, eagle-eyed me saw them and thought maybe I should go investigate what they were. This pond was so deep I started swimming. I didn’t care that I couldn’t touch any more. But Mom told me to “come”. And I did!! This is me swimming back. Pretty good, huh?