Muddy Monday

With all the rain we’ve had, there’s no short supply of mud. And lots of you wanted to know “where’s the mud”.   Well, here I am….in all my muddy glory!!Pee Ess: After I’m dripping with mud, it’s good to find a pond so I can get most of it off before we get to the car. Like yesterday. We went to the pond and I went swimming for ducks. So, sometimes I get lucky and just get rinsed off when we get home. Pretty slick way to do it, I think.

14 thoughts on “Muddy Monday

  1. Looks like you are really enjoying yourself! Have you always loved muddy, or is it an acquired thing?! The closest the Bear and I get to water is when we are forced to take a bath! We love the picture!


  2. Sage, I’m baaack! I just had a look at all your adventures that I missed! YOU CAN SWIM! Wow oh wow! And goodness you’ve been dirty a lot lately. How cool is that?

    My Typist say her fave picture is the one with you in the blue tub getting a bath, huh, she would say that.



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