Bobble-Head Dog

Uh, oh. Mom says I need to behave in the car. Well, what does she expect! I’m excited–we are going someplace FUN. This was a very good vantage point when we were going to 1000 Acres the other day:Mom wasn’t too happy that I did this and said she wants me to be safe. And I could NOT be a “bobble-head dog” or a (eek) projectile. I did it just this once. That’s all. Just once. I’m usually on the seat and being sorta good. Really!

Mom’s car is too small for a crate for both of us, so she got this Kurgo contraption that I guess I have to wear now. (big sigh) There’s this harness (suppose to protect me) that I have to wear. She can attach me to the seat belt or a “zip line” that’s attached to the handles above the doors. Toby has one too–that’s the one that I’m NOT attached to in the photo below.I can even lay down. And move back and forth on the seat.

I guess we’ll see how this works. How am I suppose to see everything? geeeeeeeez

Pee Ess: Mom said to tell you we are in NO WAY endorsing this product and have not been given any money (or treats) to do it. No one even contacted us about this product. We are on our own!

OK MOM. I hear you. I’ll tell them how it works. Later……

Whatever, I’m off to the Saturday Blog Hop! At least there I’m not tied down in the car……Powered by Linky Tools

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16 thoughts on “Bobble-Head Dog

  1. Very interesting contraption. I think we could use one of those. Although we thought you looked pretty cute in the back window. Blaze will sometimes get on the dashboard when Daddy stops somewhere, but never while driving!


  2. Stopping over from the blog hop.

    I have this internal struggle about the issue of restraining your pets in the car. I just haven’t seem to found a solution that will work for us but that Kurgo contraption looks like one I would actually use. I might look into it further. Thanks.


  3. I bought one of those for my dogs, then never even used it. I think it still has the zip tie holding it together for the original packaging… But the harness that came with it works great for Pallo’s flyball harness.


  4. Well, I hope my mom doesn’t see that. I’ve chewed threw about three doggy seatbelts and now we just take risky drives in the van to the dog park. Mama’s been looking for something. I saw her looking at a box like contraption in the pet store. I’d have to ride in a booster seat box thing. I don’t know about that either. Well good luck Sage! I’ll keep my paws crossed for you. πŸ™‚

    Your Pal, Opie

    Happy Blog Hopping. My blog hop posting will come on line after midnight Pacific time.


  5. Hi Sage! That looks good to me! Even I want to keep my head out (from all the windows) and Teje doesn’t let me – more fun with hb who lets me be free and head out as I want! Hanna is wearing a seat belt and sits next to the driver – just sits still and watch around – how she can be so calm in the car? I could live in the car, I just love to drive!
    Happy drives! xxx Nero


  6. Stay safe, Sage! I wear a harness to ride in the car too. I flew off the seat one time when I was a little puppy and it really scared mommy. She went out the next day and bought the seat belt that I wear now. It lets me lay down too. You can see mine on my blog too.

    Puppy Kisses,


  7. We’ve seen these zipline harneses before and thought they looked interesting – so glad to see someone using it. Keep us posted on how you like it. We are trying to decide what will work best for us while we travel and we considered this!

    P.S. I was writing this comment when I saw your come thru. We’re obviously both blog reading. πŸ™‚ We love, love, love SF. M’s sister lives there and we would love to move there permanently – it’s just SO expensive. I bet you’re so excited to be there (in less than a week!) and to see your daughter! Hooray for family time!


  8. Hey Sage,

    I feel for you!! I would love to be free in the car too, but I have to wear a harness just like you. But Mum says she knows best and it’s for my own good, I’m used to it know and figure, at least I get to go out in the car and explore!! Yay!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend,

    Your pal Snoopy πŸ™‚


  9. Sage your Mom really loves you a lot!! She want you to be safe in the car!!!
    I hope you and your family have had a wonderful Easter!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern


  10. I really love the Kurgo brand of dog seatbelts. I have one that attaches to a buckled belt, rather than hanging from the line. I was considering this version because it seems to give the dog more mobility and prevent tangles… It’s interesting to see it in action. – Christine @


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