Muddy Monday

The mud was especially glorious this week..PLUS…it wasn’t raining! Even Caly was gettin’ into it.First, there’s the whole body dunk.Then…the shake off!!Good thing we went to the pond where I worked on my swimming! I think that’s the way a spa works too, right? You get yourself all mudded up and then off it comes. But I think I need to talk to Mom about the massage part. It’s hard work getting this muddy!! MOM! I need a massage!!!!

19 thoughts on “Muddy Monday

  1. Wow, you guys sure do look muddy! I bet you had FUN!
    Hope you didn’t get mom’s car too dirty when you went home! 🙂


  2. OMD, your Mother is a saint, Sage! I’ve had plenty of dogs who used to get very muddy (my family of Shelties years ago) but I’ve never had a dog who went looking for mud and rolling in it, lol! Thanks for the BOL tonight:)


  3. Oh Sage, you DO love your mud !!!!!!!! I am so glad you have an angel for a Mammy!!! You are one lucky dog!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern


  4. Heh, that looks like loads of fun! Good thing we don’t have a lot of rain here, or my little blonde pooch will turn a dark grey.
    It’s nice though that mom didn’t have to give you baths. Maybe you can arrange the massage too…


  5. Wow Sage that looks like such fun. I Milo like laying in muddy puddles to but you have turned it into a art form. From Angus & Milo


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