Toby here again. I’ve been thinking about the great beach trip we took on Friday and thought you’d like to see a few other things we saw at this dog park. You saw yesterday how far down we had to go to get to the beach at Fort Funston. When Luna and I saw this sign, we decided this was not a good way to go……There was a neat place in the cliff that might have been a cave. I wonder if pirates hung out here? This part of the cliff is no where’s near as high as where we came down! But we decided it was not the best place for a scramble up the rocks!!There was a memorial to greyhounds on the beach and reminded me of our many greyhound blog-buddies. Looks like they were zoomin’!!

Pretty neat, huh?

On the top, I caught a bit of shade before going back to the car.

On the way, we heard this raucous noise. Mr. Crow was talking and talking. I wondered if this was the crow that was at our house a couple of months ago? Maybe he was telling me all about his travels south. Well, I could tell him a thing or two!!

Luna and I wanted to leave you with these paw prints in the sand. We thought they were pretty special.

21 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Yes the paw prints are very special. The cliff walk looked very exciting and I so glad you were careful. Cliffs are unpredictable and so are happy excited puppies. Besides, Mr. Crow was keeping an eye on you!


  2. Looks like a great day at the beach. We finally got the weather for it!
    That sign kinda says it all, in every language. We always get a bit nervous at Ecola State Park on the narrow trails….ever since that gal pushed her boyfriend over the edge. Not a good place to go if you are fighting with your spouse….(insert nervous laughter here)

    Wyatt and Mom


  3. I has seen those skeery cliff signs afore but they is just fur peeples not fur dogs. Wot thoughtfulness fur them to include dogs on the danger sign coz yes, us dogs can go splat at the bottom too and that be way skeery! That do be a pawsome place where you woz at.


  4. Just catching up on sages blog, he gave me a poke and I’m glad he did, just seen the sandy steps you went down on your last post its a beautiful place I’m proud of yea: ).

    That sign is a bite shocking!!! rock, I been to somewhere yesterday that was all rocks!!! tell you about it next Saturday.
    Love the Greyhounds on the wall
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx


  5. You surely live in an interesting place Sage!!! We have just flat land to walk on!! Nothing fun at all!!!
    XX, Bambi & Fern


  6. That sign was kind of scary, did dogs really fall off that cliff? People I can understand but I thought dogs were smarter than that!
    I think the paw prints in the sand look special too.


  7. So pretty. Mama says we’ll go to the beach one day. We have to make a big trip because no beaches close by allow doggies on the beach. We have to drive down toward San Diego… or maybe we should just drive way up North and see you Sage! I want to see the 1000 acre place too!

    Your Pal,


  8. Mr. Toby, you look so happy on that beachie! And your pawprints sure look neat there in the sand!

    Barks and Wiggles,



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