Mudless Swimming

I bet no one will believe I can be in water without M-U-D. I thought I’d try out the pool at my favorite indoor dog park–Fido’s! This was WAY different than my usual mud hole. I had to figure out how to use this dock. Toby was cheering me on. Well, sorta. Greta, who’s already in the pool, was showing me the ropes. But, I’m not too sure about not being able to touch ground. This was a little bit scary!

But, I did it! Of course, where there’s a ball…….

There’s a way!The hard part is HOW THE HECK DO I GET OUT OF HERE???????

Something I have to work on……

Meanwhile, I’m going to swim over to the Saturday Blog Hop. I’ll see you there!

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21 thoughts on “Mudless Swimming

  1. Ahhh! So how did you get out?! I’m wondering, because soon I’m gonna be able to go in the big pool, and I can’t imagine climbing out on the ladder. It’s a pretty scary thought!

    Woofs & hugs,



    • There’s a ramp where I went in, but I didn’t go back to it. I went over to the side of the pool and tried to get out that way. Silly me, it doesn’t work that way. So, Mom had to pull me out…….it didn’t stop me though. I was pretty ramped up and ready to go back and try again! And again…. I’ll get it eventually–I just know it.


  2. That looks so cool Sage! An indoor dog pool? Awesome! Silver goes swimming at one of the lakes around here and learned how to climb out of the water by a ladder on the dock!

    Hope you had fun!


  3. Oh, how we wish we had a place like that here. That might be one way we could find out what it is like to go swimming:)

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  4. Oh wonderful!! You got to get in a real pool!!! You did so good Sage!!! We wish we had a dog park around here!!!
    A swimming pool would be nice too!!!
    Happy Mom’s day to your Mom!!
    xx Bambi & Fern


  5. Wow sage that looks like so much fun. I would have loved to have joined in with you on that adventure. The pictures are so pawsome From Milo & Angus


  6. Oh, now that is what we need. An indoor dog park with a pool. I mean this is Alaska and the outdoor water is frozen half of the year and there are days Mom says it is just to darn cold to take a walk.
    She is always saying there should be and indoor dog track. Maybe we should open one?


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