What’s This?

The evenings are still pretty cool here in Portland, but I never thought we’d have space aliens landing in my back yard. Maybe they are going to help me catch some of the squirrels!!

I tried to count all there were, but math is not one of my better subjects. When I count, I can do one…two…then I forget what comes next. So there could be a gazillion of them!

OH, WAIT! Mom said there were six (whatever that means). AND they aren’t space aliens. AND there’s water in them.

WATER? Where’s the mud?

Wall O' Water protecting the tomato plants

Mom says I have a pretty vivid imagination. I can see all that lovely dirt. I can smell it. I KNOW there’s water in there. But, I can’t even get in there anymore. I couldn’t even help dig the holes for those tomato plants.

Oh, the indignity of it all…………