Romp in the Park

Wow, what a change out at 1000 Acres! The trees are all leafed out and the grass is green–well, it was longer….. Anyway, the picture on the left was taken April 1!

But, don’t worry, The mud’s still there! Mom got some great new Sloggers for Mother’s Day from her hu-son and daughter-in-law. They KNOW what Mom needs! Just the ticket for a cute, sweet, loveable mud-loving dog like me! (I’m not modest, you see. Dogs tell it like they see it.)See those little flowers? They’re probably a weed, but that’s OK. The 3 musketeers (Caly, Tucker and I) loved racing in that tall grass. You never know what’s over the next hill!We’re all about the same age, but Caly can only catch me if she grabs my tail! She’s pretty careful, though. I haven’t lost any hair yet! We were one big blur here!Of course, we have to find some water. What’s 1000 Acres if there isn’t water! My favorite pond is going down though. Pretty soon we might be able to actually go to the river! Mom won’t let me now–she says it’s too dangerous. What does she know?????

I found a ball and you know what that means. BALL TIME! They threw it out into the water and I was having the best time swimming out after it. See my wake? Sophie makes great wakes too! She’s got an orange ball–I just got a left-over, crushed up ball that I had to find and I (all by myself, don’t ya know) magically turned it into a round perfect ball!! But a orangey ball like Sophie’s would have been nice. MOMMMMMMMMMCaly and Tucker decided I had to do all the work when it comes to swimming.You notice THEY barely got in to their tummies. Tucker moved in for my grand entrance back to shore. It’s nice to have such a great welcoming committee!!

13 thoughts on “Romp in the Park

  1. I love seeing you all happy like you are in your pictures Sage. You have such a wonderful life!! Looks like you are just as great at swimming as you are it playing in the mud!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern


  2. This must be what you were trying to tell me, when I was at your house earlier this evening. Who knew! I mean, your mouth was all full of treats!!! You sure do swim a mean wake, Sage. Wish I could swim like that!


  3. Thanks Sage for a great post! You are a real athlete … do you ever feel tired?! I loved all your running and swimming photos with your friends!
    Hugs from Nero
    Ps. someone here envies your mom’s boots!


  4. 1000 Acres is such a beautiful park – and what a difference a month makes. Holy green grass!

    I love your new boots – it makes me wish I lived somewhere rainy so I could buy some cute rain boots. 🙂


  5. Oooh, it looks like so much fun to go swimming, Miss Sage! What a fun place to explore! Did you see any fishies during your swim?

    Barks & Wiggles,



  6. You guys are “too cool for school” singling out my Mr. Orangie(ness)…guess what I lost him in the park swamp…You see I puncture these guys cos I like the sound and then…..they sink…ha ha Dad so sorry…2 new ones showed up yesterday(you have to buy them in 2’s…big business thingie)……ANYWAY~~~~~~enjoy your adventures and I hope you enjoy mine..tres cool! Sophie Tophie!


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