Kitteh Love

Toby here! I wanted to tell you this little story about my kittehs, Mystic and Thailing. They came to live with us–back in ’02–when I was a young lad, and grew up with Maggie and me. They were a couple of months old here. 

In case you don’t recognize it, they are laying in the condo portion of the cat tree. As they grew, Dad added the penthouse. You KNOW who lives in the condo now–the young whippersnapper.

Well, these little kittehs took a shine to me, especially Mystic. You’d often find her snuggled up next to me somewhere. This was later in ’02. I was a pretty handsome dude back in the day!A couple of years later, here we were again. Mom calls us snuggle-buddies! Maggie didn’t much like snuggling, so I got it all!

Flash forward to today.  A lot has changed since those days of our youth. Maggie is playing over the Rainbow Bridge and the young whippersnapper is now the new entertainment. I’ve gotten old and grey, but do I still have my snuggle buddies, you ask? A resounding YES! It took a while after little Miss Sage came to live with us. She’s gotten a bit older and the kittehs seem to have finally accepted her. Thailing was the last hold out–she lived on top the fridge for a long time hoping that D-O-G would just go away.

Mystic snuggles pretty regularly, but what has made me really happy is what happened yesterday.  This was a real break-through, don’tcha think?

20 thoughts on “Kitteh Love

  1. You are excepted Sage!! You are part of the family!! Good for you!!
    Our Bambi and Happy will sleep together with their backs touching!! Never their fronts! LOL
    xx, Bambi & Fern


  2. Hi Toby! Thank you for your story! How great to have a friend who loves to give you hugs! I want to hug my cat friend but she runs away – could you tell me what I do wrong!?
    Hugs from me, too!


  3. Oh, how sweet is this post!!!! We sadly can’t say that would ever happen here, but we do love seeing kitties and woofies do so very well together.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  4. So adorable! My boys keep trying to snuggle with my beagle, but he gets confused and moves away from them. He got used to our last kitten, Fry, who just wanted to wrestle all the time. Snuggling is weird and scary for him!


  5. Aww I love to see all animals snuggling together and especially from the same house. Poppet loves to snuggle with Mills and get a good licking 🙂 Such wonderful memories for you!


  6. Toby you are too cute in the last photo. I imagine you were really happy but you wanted to keep your expression nonchalant so as not to make a big deal … some kitty looks caught in the act of approaching snuggle!

    Happy (and adorable) breakthrough!
    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


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