Muddy Monday: Diggin’ It

I didn’t want you to think the only thing I did while at the beach was play ball. There was a whole beach full of SAND. And what do you do with sand, you say? What any self-respecting dog would do–DIG!!All that sand felt good between my toes! I managed a couple of good holes, but didn’t find any treasure. Not even a good crab, although we saw a few crab shells.Even though it wasn’t hot, all that work means I have to cool off! And who better to do it with but my very first BFF, Toby II! (We call him Toby II because of my Toby, in case you didn’t know….)We have fun playing together–I always like it when we get to see each other! On the way home, we stopped at this little place in Seaside for lunch. It was one of those “hole in the wall” places that sometimes are the bestest places! And this was one of them–Bell Buoy Restaurant. They have a seafood shop right next door, but Mom & Dad headed straight for the little eating place. I could have gone, but Mom said my eau de stink was pretty potent.

Mom had fish & chips that was some of the freshest, wild salmon straight out of the Columbia that she ever had! She didn’t even take a picture–what kind of photographer is she, anyhow? But she did bring us a bite. It was worth the wait in the car.

I can’t wait to go back to the coast!

17 thoughts on “Muddy Monday: Diggin’ It

  1. Wow, beach, sand, digging, water, good furiends, and yummy food – what more could a pup want!!! sounds like a great day to us.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  2. Oh wow..what a terrific time you had especially the DIG session…isn’t it the best way to use up all your stored energy. The Bell Buoy sounds perfect…will tell Dad to put it on his agenda for the next excursion to the West Coast. Toby II is a nice looking friend…you are so lucky.
    PS re: epimedium…I had to move mine from a shaded area to one space that was a little more sunny and it seemed to work..gangbusters this year…not to mention compost plus!!!


  3. Wow. How cool is it that I get to be featured in your blog. This is about the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me! About the only thing cooler was being able to play with you at the beach.


  4. Hi Sage,
    Love your post Sage and Mom, very nice. Bambi loves to play on the beach too. She has only been to the beach two times and she loved it. We live pretty far from the ocean.
    Thanks for your visit, love your company!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern


  5. Wow Toby ll is a big dog, no surprise to see you all sanded up.
    Moms says that talk of salmon is making her mouth water 🙂
    Have a good week
    See Yea George xxx


  6. Oh, what fun you must have had. Chancy would have loved to been there digging in the sand with you. You sure are a cutie.


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