Another Grey Day

Another grey day, so, what do you do? Dig up the yard! Yeah, I dug a big hole in Mom’s flagstones. Then I pulled out one of those nice posies she planted yesterday. So, what did Dad do? He put a fence around Mom’s planter box! Party-poopers…..We went for a long walk, but that didn’t help. I was still ready for ACTION! What do ya expect–I’m a teenager and a crazy herding dog. Gimme a ball. Gimme 1000 Acres (oh, it’s under water. Sorry, Mom) Mom said it’s time to go to Fido’s!

We got there and had a huge surprise! Mason from Daley’s Dog Years was there! In person (well, dog-person), along with his two-leggeds. He has a cute nose, doesn’t he?
We had fun getting to know each other.
I had to show him some of my ball moves (you know I’m ball-crazy don’t you?)Tomorrow, we are going on a hike with my hu-brother. Where to go, where to go? My favorite outdoor dog park is under too much water (I told you that, right?). I guess you’ll have to check back. Mom has some ideas, but she isn’t sharing…..

Maybe SHE’S the B-R-A-T!!!