Another Grey Day

Another grey day, so, what do you do? Dig up the yard! Yeah, I dug a big hole in Mom’s flagstones. Then I pulled out one of those nice posies she planted yesterday. So, what did Dad do? He put a fence around Mom’s planter box! Party-poopers…..We went for a long walk, but that didn’t help. I was still ready for ACTION! What do ya expect–I’m a teenager and a crazy herding dog. Gimme a ball. Gimme 1000 Acres (oh, it’s under water. Sorry, Mom) Mom said it’s time to go to Fido’s!

We got there and had a huge surprise! Mason from Daley’s Dog Years was there! In person (well, dog-person), along with his two-leggeds. He has a cute nose, doesn’t he?
We had fun getting to know each other.
I had to show him some of my ball moves (you know I’m ball-crazy don’t you?)Tomorrow, we are going on a hike with my hu-brother. Where to go, where to go? My favorite outdoor dog park is under too much water (I told you that, right?). I guess you’ll have to check back. Mom has some ideas, but she isn’t sharing…..

Maybe SHE’S the B-R-A-T!!!

14 thoughts on “Another Grey Day

  1. Have some extra fun for me. I can’t wait till I can get back to playing. I am feeling a lot better, but I still have the stitches. And the itches. Mom says I can’t play too hard yet. But she does want to practice some behaviours tomorrow. That should be a bit of fun.

    Happy Memorial Day & Puppy Kisses,


  2. so much water for spring? 😦

    you know what I do on rainy days, Sage [now that I’m A Lady]?

    sleeeeeep. should try it. it’s nice. especially if you can use your human for a cushion.

    you met Mason? Do you live in a very small town or what?! my friends don’t come out in the rain. they’re sooks.



  3. Oooh! Enjoy the hiking. It’s been snowing and is now raining and Mom says our hiking trails and our backyard are TOO muddy… (and our day care is full-up for the holiday weekend, so we can’t even go there). So we’re destined to walk around the neighborhood in raincoats…


    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus


  4. Thanks for posting the pics of Mason and Sage! Mason’s still talking about Sage’s moves – he wants to be her when he grows up (even though he’s older than her … and would need some leg extensions!)

    Nice plant fence!
    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years


  5. How fun to meet another blogger! Guess you and Mason ha some fun together. That fence around Mom’s plants looks very fsmiliar to us:} And it is sill working here!

    Have fun tomorrow.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara


  6. Hi Sage,
    Does Mom have things you can eat in her garden like we have in ours??
    We had a wonderful sunny day here in Fla., Sage.
    You need a bigger dog to play with, one who could wear you out!!
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow Sage.
    xx, Bambi & Fern


  7. Well, now that is no fun with that fence up there where you can no longer help mom keep her flowers looking nice. Chancy says…have you mom give you a garden of your own so you can dig and transplant all you want.

    Sounds like you had fun playing ball with Mason. Hope the water in your favorite park goes away and the ground dries soon so you can go there. Hugs and nose kisses


  8. I haven’t been to a doggie park yet. Nala went once many years ago, but she hated it. Maybe I’ll get to go one day.

    Happy Memorial Day woofs & hugs,



  9. Hope you have fun tomorrow, Sage! Mason is a cutie, and I’m not surprised you wanted to dig up the flowers – it’s such a good passtime according to a lot of dogs! 🙂


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